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Seduction is as natural as breathing, as human as laughing and as vital as water.
It is simply the persuasive, soothing and enthralling influence that women have in men’s lives. Once seduced, a man is adaptable to a woman’s needs for partnership, peace and social stability. That’s the big secret to the success of the human species.

•    Vivid imagery of global women protesting war by spelling PEACE with their naked bodies;
•    a love story that started with seduction and continues in partnership;
•    the brain science that shows us how to stop the gender blame game;
•    the key to creating true partnership, from the bedroom to the office;
•    the ability of humans to live without war.

The film Sex, War & Seduction shares all this vital knowledge and features YOU, with real, down-to-earth answers.

So here’s the human race, sitting on the edge, with our feet dangling over the chasm, hypnotized by the danger, wondering whether to just push off and see what happens, or to stand up, link arms and, together, walk the edge to where we can make the leap beyond the darkness.

The often reckless masculine urge to acquire knowledge and power and the feminine urge to create stable, supportive community worked together to make us a successful species. Until the recklessness became too dominant.

Sex, War & Seduction will show us where we went wrong and how to fix it – if it’s not too late.

Sex, War & Seduction will give each of us the courage to make small changes in our own lives that will snowball into cultural transformation.

Yeah, right. That’s like saying a handful of women could stop an entire nation of men and boys from killing each other.

Well, guess what, that actually happened – in Liberia – and that’s the kind of difference this film can make IF it gets made and IF we can distribute it widely enough.

Change can happen. Women can guide – without blame – the men in their lives, using the natural power of seduction. It’s the evolutionary force that makes males adapt to the preferences of females in all species, including ours. Males display, females select.

Thousands of naked women spelling PEACE with their bodies!
Knowledge of male and female brain differences that will change your life!
Charles Darwin endorsed female seduction!
Your bedroom, your kitchen, your work can be the center of universal change!
Partnership ending war!

What more do you want in a film?

How about people who are actually saying something?
How about science, intuition and a sense of purpose?
How about just once seeing a documentary that doesn’t preach, but shares knowledge - WITHOUT BLAME?
How about this film being the most inspiring, world-shattering, revolutionary documentary you’ll ever see?

Give our team enough money and we’ll make a film that will make you laugh, make you weep, make you shiver, make you sweat and make you want to go out and make a difference.

Now THAT’S a film!!